Create an alarm type

Create and configure a custom alarm type to be able to create instances of the alarm type instead of creating multiple alarms that have different values for the same graphic object. Create custom properties for an alarm type to monitor different values from the different instances of the alarm in the
Alarm grid
  1. To create an alarm type
  2. (optional) Add a custom property:
    1. With the alarm selected in
      Project view
      , in
      , select
      , and then select
      The new property appears.
    2. Enter a name for the property.
    3. Set the data type and enter a value or create a dynamic link to the node with the value.
  3. In
    Type view
    , expand
  4. Drag the alarm object from
    Project view
    Type view
The new alarm type has the suffix
and appears in
Project view
in the same folder as the original alarm. The original alarm is now an instance of the new type.
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