Create a dynamic alarm message

Create an alarm message that appears at runtime when the alarm is active. For example, create a message that indicates a flow rate or level is dangerously low when the alarm is active.
  1. To create a dynamic alarm message
  2. In
    Project view
    , select the alarm.
  3. In
    , in
    , select
    Add Dynamic Link
    , and then select
  4. In the
    Dynamic Link Editor
    , in
    , select
    and then select
    String formatter
  5. In
    Dynamic Link
    , select
    Change Dynamic Link
  6. Specify the
    Input value
    of the alarm as the source for the Dynamic Link.
  7. In
    , enter the text of the alarm message, using the placeholder
    to identify the value of the source variable.
  8. Select as necessary to set the direction of the link.
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