Alarm log grids

Log alarms in two types of grids.
  • Alarm log grid
    . Displays a log of alarm events recorded in a database by an event logger such as the Alarm events logger. The Alarm log grid displays alarm information and alarm status in a table. Every row in the table corresponds to a change in alarm status.
  • Alarm log grid with filter
    . Displays the logged data in the same manner as the Alarm log grid, but allows you to filter the alarms temporarily.
An example alarm grid may display the following columns of information:
The default columns in an alarm grid include:
Date and time the alarm event was last updated
Name of the alarm object that generated the alarm event
Source variable
Monitored variable
Message associated with the alarm event
= alarm inactive
= alarm active
: alarm not acknowledged
: alarm acknowledged
: cause of alarm not addressed
: cause of alarm addressed
Level of severity of the alarm, from 1 to 1000
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