Known anomalies in this release

The list identifies the known anomalies in
FactoryTalk Optix
version 1.1.0.
Use the identification information in parenthesis to track the anomaly in future releases or for reference when receiving assistance from Customer Support with a related issue.
Incompatibility between FactoryTalk Optix Studio and FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer [1844818]
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
and FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer on the same computer prevents FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer from working.
This anomaly first identified in version 1.0.2.
Unable to connect to Logix controllers from the Emulator using FactoryTalk Optix Studio in the web version [1900931]
Unable to read and write to logic controllers when emulating a project using the
FactoryTalk Optix Studio web editor
. Use the
FactoryTalk Optix Studio desktop editor
to emulate projects that reference Logic controllers.
This anomaly first identified in version 1.0.2.
Trend line is drawn when no data is logged for a period of time [1911501]
When trending historical data from a database, a trend line is drawn between points when the logger is not capturing data.
This anomaly first identified in version 1.0.2.
Online import of UDTs may be incorrect if the UDT type and a Logix data type have the same name [2131416]
When performing an online tag import, if the name of a UDT type became a predefined type in a later version of Logix, the UDT will not import correctly. For example, if you create a UDT in Logix version 32 and name the UDT Time, an online import will create the tag of type Time as defined in Logix version 34 instead of how the UDT was defined in Logix version 32. To resolve this issue, either perform an offline import or change the name of the Logix UDT type.
This anomaly first identified in version 1.1.0
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