System features

FactoryTalk Optix
version 1.1.0 has these features.
  • FactoryTalk Optix editing enhancements
    • Tabbed editor in central pane
      . All editors open in separate tabs above the central pane. The default tab is the Dashboard.
    • Screen Type container and filtering
      . The Screen type is added as a subtype of Panel. A screen is a panel with automatic Height and Width properties and alignment. Add screens to the
      subfolder of the
      folder of
      . The name of each screen appears at Runtime.
    • Main window size selection
      . Select the main window size for your project when you create a new project through the Start page.
    • Dynamic link editor improvements
      . The Dynamic Link editor now has separate
      tabs with same functionality. A broken dynamic link now displays a icon while unresolved dynamic links display a icon at Runtime. The broken dynamic link icon opens the Dynamic Link browser to select another target.
    • Datalogger data on a trend chart
      . Create a data logger and drop the data logger on a trend chart to automatically update the
      properties of the trend chart. If you drop another data logger on the trend, the properties are updated for the new data logger. In the
      property, create a dynamic link to the data logger to update the pens on the trend chart.
  • New localized languages.
    Localized languages now include French and Spanish in addition to English and Italian.
  • Bit level access to numeric values.
    Navigate to the bit level to select a value for a numeric property.
  • Create objects that are moveable at Runtime.
    Create moveable objects through the
    Move target
    property for panels, rectangles, and images. Choose to either not allow the object to move, to the entire object, or to drag the header to move the object at Runtime.
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