Set options

Specific global settings for the
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
Global settings include the language displayed on the user interface, activation of the log messages, activation of features under development, the default code editor for any NetLogic C# code, the unit of measurement for physical lengths, and version control settings.
  1. In the
    FactoryTalk Optix
    title bar, select the drop-down arrow after
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Options
    and select
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Options
  2. In
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Options
    , select
    Optix Studio
    and complete:
    • Language and Locale
      . Select the language for the user interface.
    • New object naming language
      . Select the language used to display object names in the tooltips for new graphic objects. Select either
      English (United States)
      Same language as IDE
    • Advanced mode
      . Activate the advanced log messages displayed in the
      pane. Selecting
      Advanced mode
      and restarting
      FactoryTalk Optix
      allows you to create a
      project with no default content on the Start page.
    • Show feature previews
      . Activate
      FactoryTalk Optix Studio
      features that are under development and may create instability in projects.
    • Preferred code editor
      . Set the default code editor for any NetLogic C# code.
    • Preferred physical length unit
      . Set the default unit of measurement for physical lengths.
    • FTOptix Studio log level
      . Set the maximum log level to display in data log files and the the
      • Error
        . Error messages.
      • Warning
        . Warning messages.
      • Info
        . Information messages.
      • Verbose 1
        . First level verbose message for troubleshooting.
      • Verbose 2
        . Second level verbose message for troubleshooting.
    • Font style
      . Set the font style for the user interface on the desktop version of
      FactoryTalk Optix
      only. Accept the default
      font family, or select
      to use the default font of the operating system.
    • Security warnings
      . Select to redisplay any C# warning about executing critical security references if you previously selected
      Do not show this warning again
      when viewing the message.
  3. Select
    Version control
    and under
    Version Control User Configuration
    , complete:
    • User Name
      . The username of the logged in user account when a project is stored in a version control repository.
    • User Email
      . The email address of the logged in user account when a project is stored in a version control repository.
    • Under
      Version control providers and IDs
      , in
      Select a provider
      , select the provider to use and select
      Add identity
      . After logging in with your credentials, the selected provider appears under
      Provider identity login
      with username of the logged in user.
  4. Select
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