Object types

An object type is a model object from which you create instances of the object. Each instance can contain specific objects and variables.

Predefined and custom object types

Every project includes predefined object types, for example a
object or a
The object types that you or the application logic create are custom object types. Custom object types are available only in the project in which you create them.
TIP: Changes made to an object type automatically apply to all instances of the object type. If you delete the object type, you delete all the subtypes of the object type, along with the corresponding instances of the object.

Object attributes

By default, every object contains these attributes:
Name of the object in the project.
Description of the object.
Display name
Name of the object, translatable and displayed in the interface at runtime.
Automatically assigned unique identifier.

Object type example

To represent a machine that consists of two identical motors in the project, create a Motor object type with Speed, Torque, Acceleration, and Power properties. Then, create two Motor object instances that inherit the properties from the Motor object type.
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