DataStore (database)

A Database object represents a project-embedded database or an external database.
You can read from and write to a database through:
  • Standard SQL queries
  • OPC UA methods exposed by the object

Available database types

Embedded Database
An object that represents an SQLite database internal to the project at runtime. You typically use an Embedded Database object to manage data supporting other objects within the
An embedded database has no read/write limits.
TIP: The maximum number of table columns is 2000.
ODBC Database
An object that represents a local or remote database supported by the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) protocol. You can use ODBC to query or populate a remote database maintained with other systems that contains data for the project.
Depending on the access management policy of an external database, the external database can have read/write limits.

Use of databases

Examples of
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
objects that can read from and write to a database.
Database interaction
Data grid
Query a database to obtain data to be displayed at runtime
Drop-down selection
Trend chart
Data logger
Store data
Event logger
Recipe schema
Store and read data
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