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Download ThinManager Software

Free 30-day Trial

A ThinManager® demo license allows you to test a full running version of ThinManager software for up to 30 days. Follow these steps to download, install, and activate your demo license.

Step 1 - Download

  1. Download ThinManager software [Fill in the form below]
  2. Install and launch ThinManager software
  3. Retrieve installation ID in menu of ThinManager application [Install > Licenses]

Step 2 - Install

  1. Visit Licensing site
  2. Click “Get Demo Code” in top grey bar
  3. Fill form with installation ID from Step 1 as primary installation ID
  4. Click “Create” – You will receive Demo Code via email

Step 3 - Activate

  1. Copy the Demo Code from the received Email
  2. Within ThinManager software, return to menu [Install > Licenses]
  3. Click “Install Demo Code”
  4. Paste Demo Code into available field and click “OK”
  5. You may receive a warning that there is no master license. Click “OK”

Installation complete. We hope you enjoy your demo of ThinManager software.


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