Kinetix 3 Single-Axis Component Servo Drives

Our Bulletin 2071 Kinetix® 3 Component Servo Drives apply the appropriate level of control to a low-power application without the complexity of traditional servo solutions. With its compact design, the drive is ideal for small machines requiring less than 1.5 kW and as much as 12.55 N-m of instantaneous torque. When you incorporate this drive into a Connected Component solution, the Connected Component Accelerator Toolkit may reduce design and commission time, in addition to providing CAD drawings, electrical layouts and sample code.

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Integrated Architecture Brochure Kinetix Motion Control Selection Guide Kinetix Servo Drives Specifications Technical Data


  • Input volt range of 170…264V AC single and three-phase
  • Continuous power output of 0.05 W…1.5 kW
  • Automatic motor recognition and gain settings
  • Cost-effective motion control solution for smaller, low-axis count applications
  • Modbus-RTU serial communications for changing drive parameters during runtime
  • Integrates with Connected Component Building Blocks to perform indexing operations for up to three axes
  • Flexible command interfaces including digital I/O, analog, pulse train and Modbus-RTU
  • Configurable with UltraWare software

Product Selection


  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • c-UL-us
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Use the following software to program your Kinetix 3 Single-axis Ethernet/IP servo drives.


Resource Publication Number Language
Integrated Architecture Brochure IA-BR005
Kinetix Motion Control Selection Guide KNX-SG001
Kinetix Servo Drives Specifications Technical Data KNX-TD003
Kinetix Motion Accessories Specifications Technical Data KNX-TD004
Kinetix 3 Component Servo Drive Installation Instructions 2071-IN001
Kinetix 3 Component Servo Drive User Manual 2071-UM001
Kinetix 3 Drive Systems Design Guide GMC-RM005
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Typical applications for Kinetix® 3 Servo Drives include:

  • Intermittent form fill and seal
  • Indexing tables
  • Laboratory automation equipment
  • Medical technology and manufacturing
  • Solar panel tracking
  • Light manufacturing
  • Electronics assembly
  • Semiconductor processing