Expand What's Possible with PlantPAx 5.0

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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The newly announced PlantPAx® 5.0 DCS, the flagship system from Rockwell Automation, uses a plant-wide approach that scales from skids to large operations and provides actionable information for data-driven decision making across your enterprise.  Learn how this modern approach to a DCS with the addition of new workflows, controllers, and availability features helps streamline projects and reduce engineering efforts.

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Investments to increase organic growth and reduce costs
•    Focus on productivity savings (Plant rationalizations, future plant design)
•    Digitization is impacting consumer behaviors and creating new integration challenges
•    Increased regulations as governments act to improve food safety
•    Speed to market from idea to launch placing greater demands for automation

Key Takeaways:
•    State-of-the-art process controllers that improve scalability and skid integration as well as provide a simplified, low-cost architecture due to higher controller performance
•    Embedded native process objects helps reduce engineering costs and drive consistency in projects
•    New cybersecurity capabilities and system certifications help ensure safer and more secure operations