Localization editor

The Localization editor consists of two pages.
  • Translation key references.
    Contains the translations of all objects. Search, modify and delete translations or add a locale if you must translate your project into other languages.
  • Translation table.
    Displays all text strings for your project. You can synchronize or desynchronize strings. Synchronized strings are listed in the translation table. Unsynchronized text does not appear in the Translation table.
The Translation key references page contains certain columns:
Translatable strings in the properties and variables of a project node or the strings that exist in the translation table.
Unique reference key that identifies the text string in the translation table.
Path of the text string in the project. Select the path to navigate to the translation application point in the project.
Translates strings in the translations table at design time and runtime. If the string is not synchronized, synchronizing creates a key with the same name as the string, inserts the string and related key in the translation table, and then enables translation at design time and runtime.
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