Power & Energy Management Solutions

Optimize Operations to Reduce Costs

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Your engineering team understands the inherent challenges in controlling energy usage. Using Rockwell Automation domain expertise, our industry and application professionals will help streamline your processes to help:

  • Improve energy utilization per unit of production output
  • Lower production risk
  • Speed time to market
  • Reduce costs associated with maintaining quality and compliance

To accomplish these goals, it’s vital that you work with a partner that has experience executing projects and programs for applications in your industry – a partner that can serve as a solution provider and has the domain expertise and technology you need to stay ahead of your competition.

When you partner with Rockwell Automation for Power and Energy Management solutions, you get a team of diverse professionals with an average of 13 years of industry experience, who are PMI certified project managers and certified energy managers and can leverage our reusable modules to ensure consistent applications are deployed for global and multi-site rollouts.

  • Energy Awareness
  • Electrical Load Management
  • Critical Environmental Control and Building Management Solutions
  • Central Utilities Plant Control Solutions
  • Scope of Services

Energy ObjectiveMeasurement & Verification Solutions allow you to monitor, manage and optimize energy usage, reducing overall energy costs. These solutions transform energy data into valuable information that can be used to analyze and understand how your energy is utilized.

Measurement & Verification Solutions can help you:

  • Understand energy usage and load profiles to support procurement and rate negotiations
  • Identify and justify operational and/or capital investment projects to reduce energy costs
  • Measure, verify and justify energy conservation measures
  • Estimate savings and maintain sustainability of energy management programs
  • Start an energy management program using information and/or a list of quick hit projects
  • Identify opportunities for demand response and control
  • Verify utility bills

Featured offerings include:

  • Load Profiling measures and visualizes energy usage for every demand interval from distributed power monitors and other energy meters. Data is stored in a centralized database allowing you to immediately determine the load factor, identify peak demand period(s) and correlate consumption with facility activities. By tracking energy consumption patterns over time, you can use the historical data to verify electric bills, negotiate better rates and identify opportunities for automatic demand management.
  • Cost Allocation adds the functionality that allows you to allocate energy costs to a department, process or facility. The system can also generate reports needed to analyze and verify energy bills and tariff s for multiple utilities, including water, compressed air, gas, electricity and steam.
  • Energy Dashboards monitor key performance indexes relative to energy usage and production.
  • Energy Utilization correlated.