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2016 Control Readers Choice Awards Provide High Honors for Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell Automation Honored With Most Best-in-Control Wins

PlantPAx: The Modern Distributed Control System

A traditional distributed control system (DCS) is built for only one purpose — process control.

But in today’s competitive economy, you need to consider forward-thinking possibilities and use technology and innovation to your advantage. It’s time to rethink what to expect from a DCS. To drive productivity, increase efficiencies and reduce costs you need to integrate all of your automation operations to achieve The Connected Enterprise. And the only way to do that is through the technology offered by a modern DCS — the PlantPAx® system.

The PlantPAx distributed control system offers:

  • Plant-wide control and optimization for better business decisions
  • Scalable and modular system architectures to meet your exact needs
  • Open, secure and information-enabled networking capabilities
  • Flexible delivery and support options

The PlantPAx system helps you make better, faster decisions. It enables you to respond more quickly to customers' demands and fast-changing specifications. It’s time to rethink what a modern distributed control system can do for you.

What’s New with Batch Control!

FactoryTalk Batch View

New FactoryTalk® Batch View™ software from Rockwell Automation® offers an intuitive, scalable, real-time interface to batch control for a mobile-enabled workforce. Learn more on how to achieve the modern batch experience [PDF].


Rockwell Automation introduces its new SequenceManager™ solution, which enables powerful and flexible sequencing capabilities of the batch process at the controller level that offers increased functionality for skids, off-network systems and single-unit controls. Learn more about SequenceManager [PDF].

What’s New with PlantPAx! 

The latest release of the PlantPAx system includes a more productive design environment to enhance automation productivity, integration of new enabling technologies to improve operations, and enhanced control capabilities to help you meet your operational goals. Learn more about the latest release of the PlantPAx system.