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Maximize Machine Availability and Minimize Project Risk

Installing new, or upgrading current, production equipment can be risky business. You have a window of opportunity to get your project done, and you need a flexible drive systems supplier with the knowledge and capabilities to deliver on functional specifications — on time.

Our industry expertise means we understand your applications. Through bridge solutions and phased upgrades we can deploy a migration path that allows you to take advantage of new technology immediately — within your schedule and budget.

With a scalable scope of supply — from packaged drives to turnkey electrical solutions — you get quick response to maximize your production and minimize your risk. Take advantage of local drive solution centers with experienced engineers who understand local codes, standards, and application requirements to help you get to market faster than ever before.


Global Drive Systems Consulting Services engineers are recognized experts in their industries providing engineering studies to increase machine speed for more production, or to improve machine tension control for improved product quality. Consulting Services may include investigation of the present machine operation, supporting calculations and evaluation of web transport and geometry components. Observations are documented with concise solutions and recommendations for your needs.


Rockwell Automation's installation services business offers installation engineering and installation management. Installation engineering includes either standard or premium electrical drawing packages from conduit and cable schedules through graphical system diagrams and demolition drawings with embedded digital photographs of the equipment. Installation management is either, contractor assistance, installation planning and site assistance or complete electrical "turnkey" systems.

Application Matched Packaging

Regional manufacturing locations provide application matched packaging for the toughest applications. From high density drive packaging to special enclosures such as NEMA 4X and explosion proof through higher volume and pre-engineered custom OEM packages; Global Drive Systems has the flexibility and responsiveness to keep you competitive.

System Upgrades

Rockwell Automation has the industry's strongest commitment to protecting your automation investment. This is demonstrated through our development of products and solutions that allow your system to benefit from the latest technology while reusing much of the existing hardware.

Drives Systems Related IndustriesIndustries

  • Converting

    With more than 60 years of experience in the converting industry, combined with in-depth knowledge of product line integration, Rockwell Automation helps you minimize waste, improve productivity, boost your bottom line, and compete in the worldwide market.

    Our dedicated application specialists and engineers will design a custom drive system for your process line and develop efficient operating programs.

    Our field service professionals are strategically located worldwide to provide you with application assistance. They focus on supporting your project scheduling, on-time start-ups, and total service capabilities for quality repair or rebuild, modernization, and retrofit. Plus, our equipment is engineered with technologically advanced components for easier service and minimal maintenance. Products and replacement parts are readily available through our worldwide distribution network. Our products will improve performance in a wide variety of applications including coating, laminators, non-woven lines, slitters, flexographic, corrugating machines, sheeters, film lines, winding/unwinding, packaging, and material handling.

  • Cranes

    Rockwell Automation is no newcomer to the crane and hoist industry. Over the last 60 years, we've been responsible for many of the industry's milestone achievements.

    Beginning in 1940, we became a major supplier of marine-rated cargo winches for the U.S. Navy. In the 1950's we introduced the step-less solid-state generator control for cargo winches. Fast-forward to the 1980's, we perfected programmable controllers coupled to thyristor power units for use on both sea-going vessels and land-based cranes.

    Today, Rockwell Automation is providing more advanced solutions for the crane and hoist industry from locations around the world. We are using our expanded global focus to support portal cranes throughout Europe, South America and Asia.

  • Glass

    With over 40 years experience in glass applications, Rockwell Automation has the solutions to increase yield and minimize waste while offering unparalleled system reliability and global product support.

    As the North American market leader in float glass applications, we have many industry firsts including the first upgrade of a complete Lehr system to open architecture that was completed without shutting down the machine. In addition, our Glass team introduces the industry's first open architecture glass slant (X) cutting system that migrates customers from proprietary PDP 11 hardware to an open Logix-based system.

    Our commitment to the glass industry continues with the development of new and innovative solutions based on the latest automation technology. Rockwell Automation can design and install new systems or migrate existing systems to the latest open architecture technology from the hot end through cutting applications and cold end routing.

    And because we're Rockwell Automation, we have the resources to support customers anywhere on the globe.

  • Metals

    For over fifty years Rockwell Automation has been a premier supplier of drive systems for the metals industry. Our experience means we know precisely how to help companies find the solutions that maximize efficiencies and improve profitability. Add superior technology and application technology based on a thorough understanding of every step of metals manufacturing processes, and it is easy to see why Rockwell Automation is a worldwide leader in applications control.

    In addition to a complete selection of drive and control products, customers can turn to us for worldwide engineering and application support from locations throughout the globe, including Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

    From the melt shop to the finished product, we can help you identify upgrade and improvement opportunities. Then we can engineer complete turnkey projects, or tailor solutions that help you build on existing investments.

  • Mining

    Transporting raw materials quickly and efficiently is one of the keys to mining productivity. And Rockwell Automation provides an automation solution designed to address the specific needs of this important industry — a complete underground mining drive control system. From system design through startup, our extensive mining expertise and technology will ensure that your conveyor maximizes production efficiency and positively impacts your bottom line.

    At the heart of our innovative underground mining conveyor system is the LiquiFlo AC drive, which has the largest power-to-size ratio on the market. Featuring a patented liquid-cooled heatsink design, our totally enclosed, mine duty package pulls ambient air from the mine and pushes it through an air-to-water heat exchanger to facilitate efficient drive cooling. An explosion proof design is also available.

    And what we do below ground, we do just as effectively in above ground applications. So, whether your conveyor requirement is uphill or downhill, a new AC drive system or a DC drive retrofit, Rockwell Automation has the expertise and products to meet your application requirements as well.

  • Paper

    For more than 80 years, we have been the brains and brawn behind this industry's most innovative drives — including the first complete AC Coater drive system, AC Paper Machine, AC Winder Backstand and AC Super Calender.

    Today, we continue to advance with an impressive range of Complete Automation Solutions. With our applications expertise, products and support, customers can achieve higher levels of optimization and be successful in the global marketplace.

    It is easy to take advantage of our expertise. Simply identify your objective, then rely on us to help you achieve it — from solutions for the woodyard through finishing and shipping. We can engineer custom solutions for your new projects or for existing investments.

    And because we're Rockwell Automation, we have the resources to support customers anywhere on the globe with unsurpassed applications expertise and world-class products.

  • Printing

    With more than 35 years of experience in Printing Press automation, Rockwell Automation designs, engineers and manufactures a control solution set for the printing industry worldwide. We are focused on the newspaper industry with both expertise and products to integrate every aspect of the press operation from Machine Controls to the Supervisory Systems. We can provide our customers a total integrated solution working with global OEMs in the configuration of a new press or the retrofit of an older press.

    A Complete Provider of Print Solutions with World Class Products

    Our standard off-the-shelf products and solutions extend to almost every aspect of the printing process. From print roll storage and retrieval, to the press, to the mailroom and distribution, and even to building services such as HVAC. As a complete solutions provider, we can help you standardize your controls throughout your facility, dramatically lowering your acquisition and maintenance costs. Boosting productivity by optimizing your entire operation is the goal of Allen-Bradley Print Systems. To ensure you achieve this goal, we have assembled a knowledgeable, experienced team to support you with:

    • Application Expertise
    • Engineering Solutions
    • Manufacturing Excellence
    • Implementation
    • Ongoing Support Services

    Our global network of Print Systems Facilities is staffed with application and system engineering experts who can respond to your needs quickly and completely. We will provide you with complete, integrated automation solutions that ensure your project's success. Our documented Print System Best Practices help maximize production. And our Systems Engineering Tools ensure optimal system configuration, ensuring top efficiencies from engineering straight to commissioning. Is your operation in need of upgrading? Our Turnkey Retrofit services can help by installing diagnostic tools to existing systems, replacing equipment or upgrading hardware and software to ensure peak productivity.

  • Test Stands

    Are you looking for high performance, high horsepower, fast response, and high control bandwidth in your test stand systems? Rockwell Automation can help.

    For more than 90 years we have been a leading innovator in test stand technology and product development. This experience helps us respond quickly to customer demands for high-performance solutions tailored to specific application needs.

    Turn to us for application solutions ranging from aircraft and drive train testing to automotive component testing. To meet the most demanding test stand requirements, our high-speed, high-response drive systems are performance matched with motors, software, and application engineering.

    Furthermore, as an integral part of your engineering team, you can count on us to deliver systems that meet your specific testing requirements with minimum development time.

  • Tire & Rubber

    From mixing, extruding, beading and ply manufacturing through the building process, we are controlling some of the world's most demanding rubber mixers, mills, extruders, calendars, gum inserting machines with horsepower through 4,000 HP. Our system offers fully integrated control of drives, temperature, width, winder and let-off tension, accumulator level and recipe management.

    This experience combined with the industry’s strongest implementation and support infrastructure for drive systems helps to ensure that your systems maximize productivity and reduce downtime.