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Accelerate Technical Skills & Knowledge

Certificate Programs offer professional education to help you develop and apply your technical skills and knowledge to your plant systems to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity.

The programs are intended for maintenance or programming professionals who want to stay ahead of the competition, accelerate their skills and knowledge using the latest automation control technology, and earn professional recognition and credits through a formal education program.

Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Technologies

Cisco Systems - Rockwell Automation Strategic Alliance OT and IT convergence is raising questions within manufacturing and industrial organizations of who will develop and oversee new and complex network infrastructures. Rockwell Automation, in collaboration with Strategic Alliance partner Cisco®, now offers Industrial Networking Specialist and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Industrial training and certification.

The Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS) and Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies (IMINS2) classes are designed for IT and operations technology professionals who are responsible for the implementation, administration and support of networked industrial infrastructure.

ControlLogix Certificate Program

ControlLogix Certificate Program

Advance your education and improve your ControlLogix technical expertise to help you impact quality, efficiency and productivity in your plant. Courses relate to maintenance or programming responsibilities.

Drives Certificate Program

Drives Certificate Program

Participate in a formal certificate program and obtain the professional recognition by earning a Rockwell Automation Drives Certificate. Complete a series of required courses plus electives.

Functional Safety (TÜV Rheinland) Certification

Functional Safety Certificate Program

Benefit from the know-how of trainers who are experts in the functional safety business. Our Rockwell Automation team of trainers have deep knowledge and extensive experience in functional safety and prepare you for the TÜV certification exam.

Motion Control Certificate Program

Motion Control Certificate Program

Use the latest Motion Control technology to develop knowledge and skills for maintenance and programmer professionals by participating in a formal certificate program.