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Bringing Together Two Leaders

Rockwell Automation Acquires Datasweep

Rockwell Automation has acquired Datasweep®; bringing together two leaders in manufacturing production management software solutions.

"This strategic acquisition emphasizes our commitment to deliver a world-class plant-wide information software suite that drives manufacturing excellence," said Steve Eisenbrown, senior vice president of the Rockwell Automation, Automation Control and Information Group. "Incorporating Datasweep technology with the FactoryTalk® production disciplines enables us to help manufacturers convert day-to-day operations data into business knowledge for timely decision-making — and that means lower costs, better quality, higher productivity, and improved flexibility."

The Datasweep name will no longer be used as an identifier, and the Datasweep Advantage software products have been integrated into the Rockwell Software FactoryTalk suite, the Integrated Production and Performance Suite for plant-wide operations management.

To learn more, visit FactoryTalk ProductionCentre.