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Both FactoryTalk® View Site Edition and FactoryTalk View Machine Edition share a common design environment called FactoryTalk View Studio that allows you to create applications in a single design environment. FactoryTalk View Studio supports editing and reusing projects for improved portability between embedded machine and supervisory HMI systems. With FactoryTalk View, all software products in the suite are built on the same integrated, scalable architecture. Application developers can import entire machine-level applications into supervisory-level applications or drag individual components and drop them right into supervisory projects, saving development time and reducing engineering and training costs.

Users also can import PanelBuilder32 (PanelView) applications into FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and RSView32 applications into FactoryTalk View Site Edition, protecting their current HMI investments.

With FactoryTalk View Studio, you can: