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FactoryTalk Activation NEW Dongle Supports "Plug 'n' Play" Activations - Even on Computers Without Internet Access.

The new FactoryTalk Activation Dongle makes managing Rockwell Automation software activations as easy as inserting a USB device. This "plug and play" technology greatly simplifies the process of activation software applications on stand-alone machines. Learn more about new tools and features for activating and managing Rockwell Automation software activations.

FactoryTalk Activation Manager

The improved user interface is only one of the many benefits designed to help licensing novices easily manage activations. Additional features include:

Download the FactoryTalk Activation Manager

Updates to Rockwell Automation Activation Website

This updated website provides an alternative method of getting and rehosting Rockwell Automation software product activations. Integration with FactoryTalk Activation Manager allows data import to the website, reducing manual data entry of activation information. Key benefits include:

FactoryTalk Activation Video Collection

Review this Video Collection for a step-by-step procedure to help you work with the FactoryTalk Activation Manager.