Design & Configuration

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Design & Configuration

RSLogix Architect


RSLogix Architect software gives you a single place to manage Logix systems. Simple to use, it helps you efficiently manage controller configuration files, network configurations, Add-On Instructions, user-defined data types and produced and consumed tag relationships.

It offers tools for:

In RSLogix Architect, you create pages which are a graphical representation of your control system. These pages are where you "draw" your control hardware layout — the chassis, controllers, and communication modules that you will use in your automation system. You can also draw networks that allow you to connect the controllers together. Once controllers are connected together through networks, you can easily configure produced and consumed tag relationships from one location.

Also, in RSLogix Architect you can administer your intellectual property, by offering a library to store your Add-On Instructions (including High Integrity and Safety) and user-defined data types. From the library you can now deploy, search and update AOI and UDT across multiple projects form one single place.

RSLogix Architect software is the perfect complement to the Integrated Architecture, reducing your development costs and providing more tools for your system management.

If you're using Rockwell Automation's Integrated Architecture now, or plan to use it in the future, RSLogix Architect software is for you.