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Design & Configuration

RSLogix 5000

What's New

The V20 release of RSLogix™ 5000 software delivers the high performance of an integrated control system for machine builders, system integrators and end users looking for a single control infrastructure with a single development environment that easily scales to match application requirements. Key enhancements include:

Expanded Scalability

Support for a broader range of controllers, I/O and drives right-size the control system for your application.RSLogix 5000 v20 offers support for the following new hardware:

CompactLogix 5370 PACs
Expanding on the scalability of the Logix family of controllers, the CompactLogix 5370 programmable automation controllers (PAC) are designed to meet the growing need for a higher performance controller in a space-saving form factor.

ControlLogix 5570 PACs
The performance of the 5570 controllers has now been extended for use in safety applications and hazardous environments. With the addition of the L71 controller, users can gain the benefit of the 5570 control engine at a more cost-effective price point.

Kinetix 350
This single axis servo drive is designed to connect and operate with the CompactLogix 5370 controllers supporting Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™. Combined as a system, they can provide a scalable motion solution at a lower acquisition cost and delivers the performance needed for applications from simple stand-alone machines to complex, multi-axis motion control systems.

Broader Device Integration

Reduce downtime, improve speed of development, and more easily and quickly connect and configure a greater selection of devices. With the added functionality in RSLogix 5000 v20, users can more easily integrate EtherNet/IP devices via an electronic data sheet and quickly connect to devices often used in applications that require quick tool change. The addition of the following features reduces downtime, improves speed of development, and increases the number of devices that you can integrate into your control system:

Automatic Device Configuration (ADC)
This existing feature of RSLogix 5000 has now been expanded to support PowerFlex 755 drives. This enhancement further simplifies maintenance of replacing system components upon a device failure.

Module Discovery
This feature is all about improving and simplifying the user experience. Adding devices to the control system no longer requires manual configuration for attributes such as catalog number and slot number. Module Discovery can be done with any device that can be added online such as 1756 I/O, PowerFlex drives, and 1756 communication modules.

Add-on Profile Expansion
RSLogix 5000 version 20 provides more choices forcontrol system components, making integration of EtherNet/IP devices easier than ever using EDS add-on profiles.

Additionally, Encompass Partner devices are easier to find and configure:

Enhanced Socket Connections
Communicate to a broader range of Ethernet devices that are not native to the Logix system with the open socketenhancements in RSLogix 5000 v20. Connecting devices such as printers, barcode readers, Modbus TCP devices, visionsystems, and robots is easy with socket-specific messaging through a standard message instruction.

Enhanced Safety Features

RSLogix 5000 v20 adds support for new GuardLogix 5572S and 5573S Safety Controllers to extend the performance of the 5570 family of controllers into safety-related applications. Like the standard 5572 and 5573 controllers, the safety versions of these controllers can achieve twice the scan time performance. The introduction of the 1734 Point Guard I/O analog input module provides SIL3 rated analog input for POINT I/O, and is supported by two new TUV certified analog input instructions. This new module and associated instructions will allow users to extend the use of GuardLogix into process safety applications such as burner management systems, thermal forming applications and other fail safe process applications. Additional instructions such as Compute, Byte Swap, Event, and others available in the standard task are now available in the safety task.

Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP

Motion enhancements in RSLogix 5000 v20 continue to simplify complex motion applications. Advanced synchronization methods are now included for applications such as converting/printing, packaging, assembly, material handling, and robotics. Also available in this release, Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP capability has now been extended to the CompactLogix 5370 family of controllers.

Expanding Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP functionality to CompactLogix
Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP is nowavailable with the CompactLogix 5370 family of controllers. Together with the Kinetix 350, this off ering provides a strong motion solution for customers looking for performance and cost competitiveness. Supporting up to 16 integrated motion EtherNet/IP drives, these controllers offer gearing, camming, coordinated motion, and kinematics motion functionality and are ideal for machine buiders.

Master Driven Speed Control
This new mode of operation allows single and multi-axis time-based move commands to be driven by a master axis, providing powerful axis synchronization capabilities. Typical motion functions include high performance dynamic path control of robotics, high speed web registration and phase correction functions, CAM on CAM motion, ancillary axis control,and high speed motion path event detection.