Design & Configuration

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Design & Configuration



RSLinx® Enterprise is our preferred data server. It communicates via FactoryTalk® Live Data (our client/server communication protocol) with FactoryTalk products. FactoryTalk products and RSLinx Enterprise share FactoryTalk capabilities of Security, Diagnostics, Audit, and Redundancy. RSLinx Enterprise is typically included with all FactoryTalk products so you do not need to purchase the data server separately.

RSLinx® Classic is the most widely-installed communication server in automation today. RSLinx Classic Lite can be used either as an application or service. RSLinx Classic Lite, RSLinx Classic OEM or FactoryTalk Gateway as an application provide the ability to program controllers, flash firmware and batch sequencing.

RSLinx Classic is our legacy data server. Take this into account when considering RSLinx Classic with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008 or later Microsoft Operating Systems.