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FactoryTalk Transaction Manager


FactoryTalk® Transaction Manager is a valuable tool designed to help you better manage your manufacturing processes by integrating the critical data in your shop floor control systems with enterprise IT and other manufacturing applications. FactoryTalk Transaction Manager provides you with the ideal platform on which to integrate and build the solutions you need to run your enterprise.

To understand the power of FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, it helps to see the power of an industrial transaction. In the enterprise world, transactions are used every day to tightly link multiple systems so that they act as one. An industrial transaction does the same thing, except that, instead of linking multiple database systems, it links control systems to database systems. A true, end-to-end link is established that provides the level of reliability required to support enterprise-wide integration.

Whether your solution requires a simple data-logging scenario or a bi-directional system in which your plant floor is controlled by the rules and/or the data in your enterprise databases, the flexibility of the FactoryTalk Transaction Manager architecture can meet your needs.