Sustainable Production

A sustainable approach to help make your operations cleaner, safer, more energy efficient and more competitive.

Sustainable ProductionRockwell Automation offers a comprehensive approach to meeting your sustainability objectives in all facets of your production. Our approach is specifically designed to help you turn sustainability challenges into business advantages.

Rockwell Automation can help you in your role of enabling sustainable production. It is our business to help our customers by providing solutions for your energy, environmental, workplace safety and product integrity challenges.

Make the most of economic challenges — Advanced automation solutions from Rockwell Automation can help you save money in energy, raw materials and scrap/waste — which can free up resources to be used elsewhere.

Enhance Your Sustainability

Rockwell Automation solutions for sustainable production address three major corporate sustainability objectives through automation:

  1. Energy resource management
  2. Environmental responsibility
  3. Safety for workers, machinery, processes and products
On-line Energy Management Assessment

It's difficult to keep track of how much energy in the form of water, air, gas, electric and steam you're using. Your peers are experiencing the same issue. So complete the short on-line energy management assessment to help you determine your plant’s readiness to make meaningful and continuing reductions in manufacturing energy consumption, and then compare your results immediately with your peers'.

Your Automation Can Do It All

Rockwell Automation can empower your production to help meet these objectives while better managing risk and reducing cost. You'll improve productivity and strengthen your competitive advantage. Most of all, you'll realize your lean objectives along with your green objectives.

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