Savings Program

Training Savings Account

Save up to 20% on all Rockwell Automation training products and services with a Training Savings Account.

Savings by Design

The Training Savings Account is designed to maximize your training investments and offer financial savings for future training purchases. A Training Savings Account allows you to pre-purchase training at a discount and then select the right training product or service to meet your employees' needs at the appropriate time. Designed for flexibility, this savings program is the most cost-effective approach to manage a training program and purchase Rockwell Automation training products and services.

Great Savings and Convenience

The higher your account deposit levels, the greater your savings. Establishing a Training Savings Account also eliminates the burden of issuing purchase orders for every training purchase. To achieve an increased level of buying power and realize savings up to 20%, a minimum level of deposit is required as shown below.

Catalog Number Deposit Requirement Savings Buying Power
TrngSavings ≤ $9,998 0% ≤ Equal to deposit
$9,998 < $29,999 14% $11,626 - $34,883
$30,000+ 20% $37,500+
Purchasing Flexibility

Note: Special rules and/or restrictions apply to sales promotions, previously discounted items, premium courses, etc. You can use your training savings dollars to purchase all Rockwell Automation training products and services, such as:

  • Standard open enrollment courses
  • Standard Training workstations
  • Custom courses
  • Job aids
    • Procedures guides
    • Troubleshooting guides
    • Electronic documentation reference guides (CD-ROM)
  • Integrated performance assessment services
  • On-site courses
  • Test services
  • Self-paced training:
    • Individual RSTrainer CD-ROMs
    • Web-based courses
Training Savings Account Card

As a participant in this savings program, you receive a Training Savings Account card with a pre-purchased quantity of dollars in your account. The card will list your company name, account number, total training savings dollars deposited in the account, and expiration date. Use this card as a reference for your account information.

Register for a Course Using Your Training Savings Account

Use the Training Registration Request to register for a standard, open enrollment Rockwell Automation training course using your Training Savings Account. Registrations are processed quickly, and you will be contacted by your local Rockwell Automation training representative to finalize and confirm your registration.

Purchase Training Courses and Products Using Your Training Savings Account

Contact your local authorized Rockwell Automation representative to process orders for training products and services using your Training Savings Account. Please note that special rules and/or restrictions may apply to sales promotions, previously discounted items, premium courses, etc.


Training Savings Accounts expire one year from the date of purchase. Your savings account dollars should be depleted within 12 months of initiating the account.

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