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Accelerate Technical Skills & Knowledge

Certificate Programs offer professional education to help you develop and apply your technical skills and knowledge to your plant systems to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity. The programs are intended for maintenance or programming professionals who want to stay ahead of the competition, accelerate their skills and knowledge using the latest automation control technology, and earn professional recognition and credits through a formal education program.

Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS)

Cisco Systems - Rockwell Automation Strategic AllianceOver the past century, global manufacturing systems have evolved from manual, linear processes to high-powered, efficient automated systems through landmark advances to automation technology and production methods. Your commitment to blend information technology into your traditional operations business practices is crucial to keep pace with your competition and continue to find paths to improvement.

While technology plays a key role in this evolution, have you considered the value of a properly developed workforce? Because of the changes in technology, a maintenance staff that understands the interplay between the operational and IT technology is key to the ongoing health of your operation.

Rockwell Automation, in collaboration with Strategic Alliance partner Cisco®, now offers the Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS) class. This class is designed for IT and operations technology professionals who are responsible for the implementation, operation and support of networked industrial infrastructure. The course helps students prepare for the Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist Certification exam (exam ID 600-601) and achieve their Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist Certification.

Through this course, you will:

  • Achieve competency and skills to install, maintain and troubleshoot industrial network systems
  • Interpret design and drawings to recognize industrial topologies and access reference materials
  • Help ensure network availability, reliability and cyber security
  • Take the first step in a portfolio of educational products toward a career in industrial networks
  • Become a certified network specialist

Why Rockwell Automation?

Rockwell Automation is in a unique position to offer this certification course because of our collaboration with Cisco, leveraging our combined experience in the operations and IT spaces.  Our instructors use this balanced approach between both disciplines, and have the proper skills and experience to teach these concepts to provide exceptional value to all students.

Enroll Today!

Due to high anticipated enrollment, we encourage you to enroll today by talking to an Enrollment Specialist or enrolling online with a credit card. The tuition for this class is $3,750 USD ( $3,830 CAD). Receive a 10% discount with purchase before April 30, 2015.

There are three ways to enroll in this class:

  1. Please visit our new enrollment portal for class locations, dates and to enroll online with a credit card.
  2. Call 1-440-646-3434 (and press option #7) to speak with an Enrollment Specialist
  3. Contact your local Rockwell Automation sales person or distributor.
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