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Networks and Security Services Video

VIDEO: The Networks Engineer at Widgets R Us turns to Rockwell Automation network professionals when he expands the company network. 

Rockwell Automation Network and Security Services offer a knowledgeable team, expertly trained in both manufacturing and IT. Our converged team has the domain expertise to provide you with the appropriate services your industrial control and information networks require. Understanding how your network and security infrastructure, policies and procedures affect your plant, and the personnel who use them everyday, is our job.

No matter where you are in your control system lifecycle, our Network Specialists collaborate with you allowing you to achieve your production and business goals.

Enhanced with Cisco Systems

Rockwell Automation is a Cisco Solution Technology Integrator (STI). As a STI partner, we can provide you with a combined solution, incorporating both Rockwell Automation and Cisco Systems hardware and services. Our Network & Security Services global team of principal consultants, field consultants and field service professionals are Cisco certified. Certifications include, but are not limited to: CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CISSP and CISM.


Traditionally, the operating system and its applications were tightly coupled to the hardware they were installed on. Using Virtualization from Rockwell Automation, you can break the link between operating systems and the physical hardware that applications run on. Now, you are able to utilize multiple instances of an operating system with independent applications on the same piece of hardware, in addition to having the ability to change hardware without replacing the operating system or applications.


AssessAssessments evaluate the current condition of a designed or implemented network via documentation reviews or onsite network analysis. An assessment can help to prevent or fix network issues by evaluating the network, documenting design or implementation issues and offering resolutions, as well as provide information about potential problems that could result in future unplanned downtime.

Assessments can help you determine if the network is able to meet the functional requirements you need to achieve your goals.

Available assessment levels:

  • Standard Assessment
  • Comprehensive Assessment
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