Assurance™ Integrated Support

Simple. Flexible. Worry Free.

Choose Your Service Level

Are you looking for one service agreement, with one fixed fee, that covers all of your remote support, replacement parts and on-site service needs? Assurance™ Integrated Support is your answer.

  • Simple – Your company receives one phone number to contact with Rockwell Automation and if the person who picks up the phone doesn't have your answer, we will make sure your call is properly routed to get your questions answered quickly.
  • Flexible – Assurance Integrated Support offers various service levels that give you control over response times that meet your needs.
  • Worry Free – No longer worry about potentially long down times and costly services fees. When you choose Assurance Integrated Support, you pay one set price for all of your service needs.

Choose Your Service Level

Find the service level that meets your need with the Assurance Integrated Support chart. Please note: response time may vary by region.

Maintain Control

Assurance Integrated Support - Maintain Control

Downtime is a massive drain on resources, costing organizations like yours an average of $20 billion a year.

Assurance™ Integrated Support can help maintain control to minimize the impact of downtime.

Stop Downtime

Assurance Integrated Support - Stop Downtime

The higher the capacity you’re working at, the faster the costs of downtime rise - from 2010 to 2012, the cost per hour of downtime increased, on average, by 65%.

Assurance™ Integrated Support helps stop the costs of downtime.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Assurance Integrated Support - Bridge the Skills Gap

The growing skills gap means there are estimated to be 10 million manufacturing jobs that can’t be filled.

Assurance™ Integrated Support – your means of bridging the skills gap.

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