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Quickly Locate Products That Solve Your Application Challenges

Encompass Product PartnersTo be the best in your industry, you need to align yourself with companies that are the best in their industries. Through Encompass, our third-party product referencing program, you can quickly locate the products that best solve your application challenges.

Use the search tool to sort and filter products in your region that can provide connectivity to the Rockwell Automation architecture, or are used in conjunction with our products.


New Partner Companies

These best-in-industry companies recently joined the Encompass Referenced Products program:

  • Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures (Americas partner)
    Stahlin provides state-of-the-art electrical enclosures made from non-metal material for outdoor and indoor industrial use. All types of electrical enclosures are manufactured with the highest attention to detail. Since the 1940's, Stahlin has engineered and manufactured high quality products.
  • LinMot USA, Inc. (Americas partner)
    LinMot linear motors provide extremely high speed, long life, complete controllability, very long strokes and peak forces to 600 pounds, all at a moderate cost.
  • SICME MOTORI S.R.L. (EMEA partner)
    Sicme Motori is a leading manufacturer of AC-DC motors and generators, vaunting more than 45 years of engineering know-how applied to new technologies, innovation and customized solutions.

Encompass Partner News

What’s happening with Encompass Referenced Product partners:

  • New or Updated Partner Profiles
  • Advanced Micro Controls, Inc.
    The AMCI RD750 resolver-option module enables you to keep your existing resolver-equipped motors when upgrading to Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 750 drives! The RD750 plugs directly into the PowerFlex 750 AC drives, provides diagnostic data and programs with Rock¬well Automation software.
  • Hammond Power Solutions (added to the EMEA region)
    Hammond Power Solutions, an Americas Encompass partner and industry leader in magnetic transformer design and development, has been added to the EMEA region.
  • Molex
    New in-chassis Brad® SST™ AS-interface Communication Modules quickly connect Rockwell Automation CompactLogix™, MicroLogix™ 1500 and ControlLogix® PLCs to AS-interface field devices enabling simple, low-cost networking solutions in industrial automation. The modules comply with AS-interface specification 3.0 and support two independent AS-i networks with up to 124 AS-i slave devices.
  • Online Development Inc.
    The PCIe-ETAP card with Add-On-Profile provides direct connection from industrial computers and HMI panel networks that use the PCI Express (PCIe) bus to EtherNet/IP devices. It supports three key network topologies: linear, star and device-level ring (DLR). The PCIe-ETAP also is compliant to PCI Express Gen2 and is a single-lane short card.
  • Spectrum Controls Inc.
    Programming has never been easier with the new InView Comms Module. Both web-based & operating system independent, there is no need for separate software. You can easily convert all of your existing files to the new comms module. There is also extensive online context-sensitive help to guide you every step of the way.
  • Stratus Technologies
    Running Rockwell Automation software applications on ftServer from Stratus means highest availability with over 99.999% uptime and operational simplicity. Stratus delivers continuous uptime for running FactoryTalk® View SE, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk ProductionCenter, and other critical plant applications. Use the new VMware Server Sizing Tool for Rockwell Automation software applications. Just type in your needs and choose planned virtual Rockwell Automation software applications that should run on the server and the sizing tool recommends a specific server-configuration.
  • Helm Instrument Co. Inc.
    The HM1734-LCP Load Cell Power Module is a self-contained power bridge designed to provide bridge excitation. The HM1734-LCP power module is designed to install on the din rail next to the HM1734-WM Weigh Scale Module for easy user interface. The power module can accept up to four load cells and is well suited for interface with load cells configured at less than 350ohm.
  • Grace Engineered Products
    The new SafeSide® IR Viewing Windows increase electrical safety by eliminating open door infrared inspections. SafeSide supports visual and infrared imaging for any IR camera and the patented reinforced grill does not affect camera focus.
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