Motor Control Devices

Motor Control Devices Overview

Motor control devices are the building blocks of an efficient automation strategy, optimizing production and reducing costs. We offer a wide range of flexible, robust products such as overload relays, contactors and starters and higher power control products such as low and medium voltage variable speed drives and motor control centers.

Many of our motor control devices easily plug and play into our Integrated Architecture system. This Premier Integration provides a single software tool for you to configure, control and diagnosis your machines. In addition, EtherNet/IP™, a common network for all your process and control equipment, can be seamlessly linked to the front office for fast access to information.

Intelligent Motor Control

Intelligent Motor Control is an architecture that applies sophisticated control technologies with communication capabilities to Allen-Bradley® motor control devices.

Learn how this will help you improve system performance and gain operation efficiencies.

Bantrel Creates Innovative Solutions for Oil Sands Companies

Petroleum and petrochemical processes are inherently complex, particularly if you’re in northern Canada and dealing with sub-zero temperatures capable of freezing the product in its tracks.

Learn how our engineers worked with Canadian engineering and oil sands companies to modify motor control centers for electric heat tracing monitoring and control.

Wireless Control Systems and Intelligent Motor Control Help Glenn O. Hawbaker

Hawbaker, an aggregate, asphalt, and heavy construction company is on the leading edge of new technology.

Learn how our implementation of Intelligent Motor Control using a mobile, wireless control system and network that increase production reliability and reduced human resources needed to operate the plant.

Utilities Kingston Implements Plant-Wide Control System to Streamline Waste Water Treatment

"In the end what made the difference was Rockwell Automation's ability to integrate their components from the power monitors and the vibration analysis and to the starters and drives," says the assistant chief electrical engineer.

Learn how accessing DeviceNet components via Ethernet/IP on a LAN or a WAN provides significant time savings for maintenance resources that take care of multiple sites.

Associated Products

Contactors and Starters

We offer a full line of versatile and robust contactors and starters. Our IEC contactors offer AC and DC control. Our NEMA contactors and starters are known for rugged construction, dependable performance and long electrical life.

Low Voltage Drives

The PowerFlex® family of AC drives offers a broad range of control modes, features, options, and packaging, as well as global voltages and many power ratings. A consistent programming structure and common operator interface,  eases programming and configuration, and reduces set-up time, training, and operation.

Medium Voltage Drives

PowerFlex® 7000 Medium Voltage Drives enable soft-starting and variable-speed control of processes with high power demands. They help reduce energy costs, component count, maintenance and motor wear.

Motor Control Centers

CENTERLINE® Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) offer a rugged, high performance packaging solution designed to meet your global needs.

Medium Voltage Motor Control

Our Medium Voltage products, deliver enhanced protection in applications ranging up to several thousand horsepower. Bringing motors up to speed in a controlled manner limits wear on the motor and other mechanical components.

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