Integrated Architecture Tools

These tools can assist you in understanding, planning and configuring an Integrated Architecture™ System. New Integrated Architecture Tools are added on a regular basis. Please check the "What's New" tab periodically to learn about the latest helpful resources.

Watch the brief Integrated Architecture Video [WMV] to learn about the Integrated Architecture Tools website and how to navigate through the tabs and quickly find the tools that will help you.


New Tools

  • 1756 I/O Card Labels

    Do you need extra labels for your 1756 input or output cards? Download this PDF and print your own labels for the 1756 family of I/O cards. Download [PDF]

  • Popular Configuration Drawings

    View the WiFi for Industrial Applications system drawing to understand basic performance, capacity and configuration for a WiFi Networked Control System. Download [PDF]

  • Ethernet Cheat Sheet

    This Ethernet Cheat Sheet is intended as a quick reference for common procedures, commands, and formulas used when working with Ethernet. EtherNet Cheat Sheet [PDF]

  • VIDEO: Life of an Object

    In less than 7 minutes we will create an object (Pump501) in the controller, in visualization, and all the way up to a larger dashboard view. This video quickly demonstrates the power of Rockwell Automation's objects as each level of production and management gets the information they need without complicated programming. Video: Life of an Object [MP4]

Updated Tools

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