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Join us in Anaheim for the 2014 Automation Fair Event

Automation Fair 2014 Video Overview

Automation Fair 2014 Video Preview

This site is the media hub for all Automation Fair® information before, during and after the event. Check back often for updates!

Media Registration

Register for this year’s Automation Fair event. Reserve your hotel room, register for Automation Perspectives global media event and request interviews with Rockwell Automation executives and experts.

If you have any questions about attending the Automation Fair® event, you can Dani Litt at 1-612-455-1726 or via email at

Event and Company Information

Automation Fair 2014

Automation Perspectives and Executive Viewpoints

Automatin Perspectives at Automation Fair 2014

On Tuesday, November 18th, industry experts will gather to discuss their perspectives on the Connected Enterprise and how it can be applied across industries and geographies for better collaboration, faster problem solving and improved innovation.

Following this half-day global media forum, Rockwell Automation executives will be discussing the following:

  • Industrial Control Systems Security
  • Macroeconomic Outlook and Alliance Update
  • Connected Enterprise: The Rockwell Automation Journey
  • Connected Enterprise: The Rockwell Automation Vision
  • Remote Monitoring and Support

Check back for agenda, presentations, and videos.

Announcements and New Product Information

Enabling the Connected Enterprise

Enabling the Connected EnterpriseLearn how Rockwell Automatino is enabling and implementing the Connected Enterprise in briefings with subject matter experts on the following topics. Register today to indicate your interest in topics!

Connected Information. Optimized Plants.

A key element to staying connected on the plant floor is the ability to transform data into insightful information to help transform your business. With today’s technologies and processes, plants are gaining competitive advantages by leveraging their data in new ways to improve the way their business operates.

Rethinking Automation Control Utilizing a Modern DCS

Manufacturers seeking plantwide integration and optimization are finding it through the technology offered with a modern DCS. This single, scalable architecture can replace disparate systems and configuration environments utilized in process, discrete, safety and power applications. We invite you to discover the unique characteristics of a modern DCS and its new enhancements, including embedded MPC within the controller, easier integration of power devices, and improved recipe management and security.

Secure Remote Monitoring and the Cloud

Industrial companies need to put contextual information in the right hands to increase efficiency and expedite decision cycles across the connected enterprise. To achieve this, operators, maintenance professionals and management need access to information from anywhere, at any time. Rockwell Automation is delivering remote-monitoring solutions utilizing the cloud to help bridge the gap between information technology and operations technology, and to help manufacturers unlock real-time data to optimize production and reduce downtime. Discover how these unique, secure remote-monitoring solutions are benefiting manufacturers across a variety of industries.

Safety and the Connected Enterprise

As manufacturing systems continue to become more connected, safety systems that share data throughout the enterprise create great benefits. Studies show that best-in-class manufacturers are using integrated safety systems to improve diagnostics and reduce unscheduled downtime. They’re also using open protocols to gain better visibility into the reasons for and frequency of events, and more effectively manage the massive amounts of complex safety data. Learn how safety data can be shared throughout the connected enterprise to improve employee safety and machinery productivity.

Building Machinery for a Connected Enterprise

As more end users realize the connected enterprise opportunity, they’ll turn to OEMs that understand it. Join us to learn how OEMs can create machinery that easily integrates into a facility and turns mined information into working data capital, driving business value for their customers and differentiating their own company more competitively.

Smart. Productive. Secure: Building the Architecture for the Plant Floor

To create a truly connected enterprise, manufacturers need production information that’s available across every platform and device in the organization. When used with the right network security strategy, this data helps improve operational efficiency and business performance. Learn how converging control and information systems allow manufacturers to build a connected enterprise with smarter machinery, enhanced design productivity, and improved security. As part of this conversation, you’ll also be among the first to hear about new design software and HMI hardware from Rockwell Automation.

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