Automation Fair® 2013

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Forum

Wednesday, November 13  •  9:00am - 11:00am

Video: Food and Beverage Forum Overview

VIDEO: Food & Beverage Forum
at Automation Fair 2013

The food and beverage industries are as diverse as the global consumer base they serve. There is a continuous demand for a greater variety of packaged products to satisfy a wide range of demographics. At the same time, regulations have gotten tighter and operations have become more complex and expensive. Faced with these challenges, producers still need to improve the bottom line and grow.

Additionally, the industries no longer have the luxury to produce a small number of products on dedicated lines. They must produce a variety of products on the same equipment. Further, heightened emphasis on sustainability and corporate responsibility drive reductions in WAGES expenses. All of these concerns require flexible, tightly integrated manufacturing systems.

You Will Learn
  • Increased yield while optimizing costs
  • Ensured safe, secure and compliant production
  • Improved workforce agility



  • Project Risk Mitigation in Practice
    Join us to learn how Fonterra Brands New Zealand successfully completed a project to replace existing servo drives and motors in a complex and time constrained environment while minimizing risk to business in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

    Peter Williams | FBNZ Automation and Process Control Manager, Fonterra Brands New Zealand Ltd.
  • EtherNet/IP Network, Distributed Intelligent Motor Control
    Learn how leveraging the ArmorStart® LT distributed motor control integrated in a global EtherNet/IP™ network helped to simplify maintenance and enable remote support.

    Giacomo Gouery | Chief Operating Offi cer, OCME America Corp.
  • Planning, Standardization and Project Management Deliver Success
    Bachelor Controls, a Solution Partner, worked with King’s Hawaiian Bakery while still in the planning phase to understand their need to standardize all OEMs to the same platform and provide plant-level visibility to the corporate location.

    Kelli Uphaus | Software Engineer, Bachelor Controls, Inc.
  • PlantPAx Process Automation Helps Meet Growing Consumer Demands
    Noosa Yoghurt, the Australian-style yoghurt, recently became available nationwide after completing the commissioning of a greenfield processing facility in Bellvue, Colorado. Learn how this expansion propelled Noosa to commission Malisko Engineering to integrate all of the Yoghurt plant’s utilities, CIP and process systems.

    Dan Malyszko | Director of Operations – Denver, Malisko Engineering, Inc.
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