C-Tick DOCs

Compliance with Australian Acts — Rockwell Automation products covered by Australian Acts are intended for sale and use within the Australian market and conform with the essential requirements of these Acts: Products specifically required to do so bear the C-Tick marking per the relevant Australian Acts and C-Tick marking requirements; Declarations of Conformity for Rockwell Automation products are available as required; the necessary technical documentation is on file within Rockwell Automation. If a product is in compliance with the specified Acts, this is generally indicated in the product catalog.

Review the appropriate document from the list shown below for the C-Tick DOCS of the associated catalog number.

Please return to this page for the most current C-Tick DOCs as this site will be maintained with updated and new documents.

Actual Australian C-Tick conformity is indicated by the label on the product, and not by statements on this web site or in any product literature.

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C-Tick DOCs by Product Family

Adjustable Speed Drives and Drive Systems

Circuit & Load Protection

Condition Monitoring

Connection Devices

Drives & Motors

Input/Output (I/O)

Motor Control

Motion Control

Networks & Communications

Operator Interface

Programmable Controllers

Power Supplies

Power & Energy Management Systems

Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Relays & Timers

Sensors & Switches

Safety Components

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