Rockwell Automation

Safety Maturity Index™

Measure the effectiveness of three key elements of safety performance. Develop your path to best-in-class safety and productivity.

Culture  •  Compliance  •  Capital

Today, best-in-class manufacturers realize that the combination of employee behavior, company processes and procedures, and technology implementation enable them to achieve 5-7% higher OEE, 2-4% less unscheduled downtime and less than half the injury rate of average performers. These best-in-class manufacturers share common best practices surrounding three core issues - Culture Compliance and Capital.

Drawing from studies, private research, collaboration with cultural development experts, and our own wealth of experience as the world’s largest safety system provider, Rockwell Automation has developed the Safety Maturity Index™ (SMI). The SMI is a comprehensive measurement of performance in safety culture, compliance processes and procedures, and capital investments in safety technologies. It helps companies understand their current level of performance and steps they can take to improve safety and profitability.

  • Culture is the measurement of behavioral aspects of a company, including values, priorities, attitudes, incentives, and beliefs.
  • Compliance is the measurement of procedural aspects of a company, and includes Environmental, Health & Safety and Engineering policies and procedures, indicating whether the company has implemented policies and procedures that ensure compliance with appropriate standards and safety procedures.
  • Capital is the measurement of technical aspects of a company. Adoption of current machinery standards and contemporary technologies is shown to improve both safety and productivity.

Only when all these interwoven elements are present can a company achieve optimal performance and profitability.

Each safety pillar is measureable in the SMI using four categories recently identified by an Aberdeen Group survey:

  • SMI1: minimizing investment
  • SMI2: attaining compliance
  • SMI3: cost avoidance
  • SMI4: operational excellence.