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Reduce Costs, Accelerate Start-up and Boost Reliability

VIDEO: The ArmorStart Virtual Demo explains the benefits of the ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller family

The ArmorStart® Virtual Demo explains the benefits of the ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller family.

On-Machine™ Solutions is a design philosophy that moves the industrial controls and hardware closer to the application or onto the machine, minimizing the number of components in the cabinet. This reduces wiring time and results in increased uptime and lower costs. Maintenance and repair is made faster due to pre-configured, quick connect systems and simplified wiring layouts.

On-Machine Solutions help OEMs to improve productivity, lead times, commissioning time, testing and delivery of more valuable machines that improve the end user’s Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). This competitive edge will have a significant positive impact on the OEM’s operations, the marketability of their machines and, ultimately, profitability. On-Machine addresses the OEMs top priorities, including:

  • Time to market
  • Improved quote-to-cash
  • Increased OEE for competitive edge
  • Modular design
  • Improved likelihood of customers accepting standard designs

For the end user, On-Machine Solutions will improve MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) by simplifying troubleshooting and component replacement, thereby reducing labor and maintenance costs. Through On-Machine, end users can realize:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Quick and easy component replacement without tools or specialized personnel
  • Scalability, modularity, expandability
  • Ease of future retrofitting

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