Intelligent Motor Control

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VIDEO - Intelligent Motor Control

VIDEO: Intelligent Motor Control

Intelligent Motor Control is an architecture that applies sophisticated control technologies with communication capabilities to Allen-Bradley® motor control devices helping you improve system performance and gain operation efficiencies.

With the ability to quickly gather, organize and analyze information from your operations, intelligent motor control devices allow you to:

  • Maximize your asset availability
  • Improve time to market
  • Enable an energy management strategy
  • Protect your personnel and assets

Further benefits are gained by combining the advanced system-wide communication capabilities of Integrated Architecture with the Intelligent Motor Control portfolio. This allows you to implement a single solution plant-wide to address the key market challenges of productivity, innovation, globalization and sustainability.

The Intelligent Motor Control portfolio includes a variety of motor control technologies, from contactors, starters and switches, to PowerFlex® Drives, Kinetix® Servo Drives and CENTERLINE® Motor Control Centers.

Combined with the Allen-Bradley Logix control platform, Intelligent Motor Control solutions help you easily and efficiently manage your systems with real-time access to operation and performance trends. Make Intelligent Motor Control solutions a cornerstone of your successful automation strategy.

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Today’s engineers can prepare for the next phase of manufacturing by leveraging intelligent motor control. Learn how to gain better diagnostics and become more productive in this presentation by Blake Moret, president & CEO, Rockwell Automation.