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Integrated Architecture

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Integrated Architecture Helps Deliver The Connected Enterprise

The Connected Enterprise is reshaping industrial automation. Manufacturing automation alone is only part of the story. Manufacturing intelligence takes it further. Real-time data makes for better – and better-informed – business decisions. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), Integrated Architecture and intelligent assets, The Connected Enterprise enables seamless integration, keeping manufacturing and industrial operations agile and able to satisfy increasing demand. Supported by Rockwell Automation solutions and services, The Connected Enterprise is a more profitable, more competitive enterprise.

Realizing Value

Realizing value

Learn how the Integrated Architecture is helping deliver The Connected Enterprise through smart manufacturing.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Integrated Architecture products recognized for innovation and excellence.

Support & Training

Support & Training

Global and local support, plus expert training, to help you stay competitive.

Tools & Downloads

Tools and Downloads

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