1326AB Servo Motors

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Rockwell Automation® is announcing the "Silver Series" designation for current generation 1326AB (square body) Servo Motors effective August 31, 2010.The last-time-buy deadline for impacted models is August 31, 2012.

In October 2009, the Kinetix Motion Control business launched a new line of high performance MP-Series™ Medium Inertia (bulletin MPM) servo motors based on the highly successful MP-Series servo motor lines. Leveraging the design, technology and tooling of the popular MP-Series Low Inertia (MPL) servo motors, the medium inertia motors also share the same IEC metric mounting dimensions and rotatable DIN connectors as the MPL motors.

Please note that the new MPM motors can serve as direct replacements for the square body versions of the current 1326AB motors. However, additional system changes will be required depending on feedback type as follows:

  1. Migration of resolver-based 1326AB (square body) motors to MPM motors will require the equivalent resolver-based MPM motor, new power and feedback cables, mechanical adaption to the larger and longer MPM shaft, and possibly a larger drive.
  2. Migration of high resolution encoder 1326AB (square body) motors to MPM motors will require the equivalent high resolution encoder MPM motor, bayonet-to-DIN connector transition cables, mechanical adaption to the larger and longer MPM shaft, and possibly a larger drive.

Silver Series does not mean that 1326AB (square body) motors can no longer be purchased. It is intended to inform you that the product is entering an "end-of-life process", and that the necessary planning for product migration should be taking place.

Rockwell Automation is committed to supporting our customers through this product migration. As with all products, our goal is to provide repair support for up to 7 years beyond end-of-life, as long as sufficient demand exists and components are available. Also, when a product is discontinued from sale, phone support continues to require a support agreement.

Product IDDescriptionSilver End Date
1326AB-B2E-21-K5 SERV MTR,102IN-LB,3000RPM,24 VDC BRAKE,IEC METRIC 08/31/2010
1326AB 460V Torque Plus AC Servo Motors

Torque Plus motors feature a specially engineered housing that reduces motor length and increases continuous torque ratings. These high performance, three-phase, brushless, AC, synchronous servo motors are designed by Allen-Bradley to meet the stringent requirements of high performance motion systems. This series of 460V, AC servo motors is intended to be used with the Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives, Ultra3000 Digital Servo Drives and the Allen-Bradley 1394 Motion Control System. Each servo motor features:

  • Special flux profile permanent magnets engineered by Allen-Bradley to increase servo response.
  • A three-phase sinusoidal wound stator field for smooth operation at low speeds.
  • TENV construction, IP 65 rated enclosure.
  • An extruded aluminum housing for improved heat transfer.
  • Multiple feedback options:
    • Rugged, brushless resolver
    • Absolute multi-turn and single-turn encoder
    • Multi-turn encoder
  • 100% continuous-rated output torque at stall (zero rpm).
  • A UL listed insulation system (file #E57948).
  • The ability to be vertically mounted at any angle with the shaft up or down.
  • A normally closed thermal switch in the motor winding (rated 115V AC/24V DC at 1A) that provides thermal overload indication.
  • A precision balance of 0.0127 mm (0.0005 in.) total peak-to-peak displacement.
  • A CEI/IEC 72-1 metric flange mount with metric shafts.
  • 1326AB 460V Torque Plus Servo motors range in continuous torque capability from 2.3 to 53 NM and reach speeds of 7250 RPM.