SLC 500 Pro-set 200™ Processors

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Proset 200 is based on SLC 5/04 and 5/05 processors with special application specific firmware, known as ERC2, installed to provide closed loop control of hydraulic pressure and flow associated with the injection molding process.

Due to declining demand and firmware compatibility issues, the following Proset 200 Processors are being added to the Silver Series Program.

  • 1747-L542P 5/04 32K Proset 200 Processor
  • 1747-L543P 5/04 64K Proset 200 Processor
  • 1747-L553P 5/05 64K Proset 200 Processor

Low customer demand for these controllers makes it economically unfeasible to continue to support and upgrade the specialized firmware for these controllers. A migration path for customers using these controllers is not available through Rockwell Automation.

Distributors should review the order history for these controllers and notify affected customers of the last order date. Customers should order controllers as necessary to satisfy expected spare parts requirements and initiate design tasks to incorporate alternative technologies offered by companies servicing the plastics molding industry.

The last date for ordering these processors will be July 1, 2008.