The Connected Enterprise

Rockwell Automation Creating a Truly Connected Industrial Enterprise

The convergence of new technologies that securely connect plant information with enterprise systems can bring greater productivity, better utilization of assets, and improved decision-making to industrial companies. By bridging the gap between factory-level systems and enterprise systems, Rockwell Automation can show how the connected enterprise offers ease of use, lower total cost of ownership, and improved operations.

A broad vision of enterprise information connects the plant floor with enterprise systems in a seamless and secure fashion by use of new technologies such as mobile devices, the cloud, and big data. But industrial firms must deal with the challenges posed by these technologies, such as the disruptive nature and security risks associated with them.

For industrial firms interested in sustainability, using the capabilities of the connected enterprise, such as variable speed drives and use of real-time monitoring can help save energy. With the goal of energy savings in mind, Rockwell Automation helps companies design, monitor and control their energy usage.

In the end, a primary benefit of this broader vision of the connected enterprise is to enable more immediate access to information, which leads to better decision-making for employees at all levels.

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