Connected Components Workbench Software

Programming & Configuration

Making It Easier to Configure, Program and Visualize

Connected Components Workbench™ Software helps simplify stand-alone machine development by programming all your products with a single software solution.

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Connected Components Workbench Software Value Video

VIDEO: Connected Components Workbench Software

Connected Components Workbench, design and configuration software, offers controller programming, device configuration and integration with HMI editor. Connected Components Workbench software is developed based on proven Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Visual Studio technology. Connected Components Workbench software can help to minimize your initial machine development time and cost.


  • Easy to Configure – Single software package reduces initial time to set-up controls.
  • Easy to Program – User-defined function blocks speed machine development.
  • Easy to Visualize – Tag configuration and screen design eases operator interface configuration.


  • Standard – Provides common, easy-to-use configuration and programming tool for all devices. Available as a free web download or free DVD and includes free support and software updates.
    • Provides common, easy-to-use configuration and programming tool for all Connected Components Devices
    • Provides offline and online capability
    • Offers a variety of serial and network connectivity options
    • Shares user interface with Studio 5000® Add-on Profiles for PowerFlex® Drive configuration and Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 safety function block editor
    • Program and debug Micro800® applications
      • Allows you to create and deploy user-defined function blocks and user defined functions for modular coding
      • Offers choice of programming languages (ladder diagram, function block diagram, structured text) for Micro800 controllers
      • Reference Micro800 variables directly when configuring PanelView™800 external tags
  • Developer - Offers additional features for an enhanced user experience. Update to subsequent major releases requires new purchase, toolkit activation, or Tech Connect contract.
    • Archive manager to track the project with timestamp and description, making device management easier
      • Easy to save, restore and view the revision history of a project
      • Save multiple revisions of project in same project directory
    • Enhanced Micro800 Programming experience
      • Run Mode Change allows program logic changes in run mode to save time during machine development
      • Spy List to monitor variables easier
      • User Defined Data Types to organize related data in a single structure
      • Intellectual Property Protection allows password protection on individual programs and user-defined functions and function blocks.