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Driving Profitability through Persistent Innovation

Process IndustryMany process OEMs have told us that differentiating themselves in the market is their biggest challenge. They continue to struggle to balance the cost and design demands of their customers. Rockwell Automation and its partners help lower the Total Cost to Design, Develop and DeliverSM equipment. Our modular programming guidelines, PlantPAx™ Process Automation System libraries, and productivity toolkits provide the technology and economic advantages required.

Rockwell Automation offers scalable, reusable, and plug-and-play enabled tools to help OEMs with their process automation machine design projects. We use off-the-shelf components that help ensure compliance of demanding industry regulations for both batch and continuous applications.

Our Global OEM Technical Consultants (GOTCs) and Global Process Technical Consultants (GPTCs) can help you by sharing best practices and industry expertise gained in applying automation technology to a wide range of process applications. In addition, our Project Management Professional (PMP) certified program managers are knowledgeable at applying and managing appropriate resources to keep development initiatives on track. The net result is the reduction of in-house research and development costs and overall time to market while increasing functionality.

Optimize Cost versus Revenue

Our Global OEM Team can work with you to optimize the “costs vs. revenue” equation to maximize your profit.

  • Reduce Costs — By choosing the right process control equipment and applying it in the optimal manner, you can reduce overall costs. This improves manufacturing capacity, reduces labor content and improves revenue.
  • Maximize Revenue — Most importantly, we enable persistent innovation and value-add differentiation for you in the market place.

Understanding what process OEMs need, and delivering:

  • Harness Your Intellectual Property – Gather, manage and secure your valuable design assets with our control & information solutions.
  • Meet the Demands of Regulated Industries – We have experience to help you understand and meet the toughest regulatory guidelines for your customers.
  • Meet the Highest Operational Efficiency Requirements – Our solutions for Advanced Process Control, high-availability control systems, and extreme environment control systems help you create competitive equipment.
  • Seamless Connectivity – Easily connect your process equipment with the rest of your customer’s production and business enterprise.
  • Reducing the Resource Requirement – Through our engineering guidance, standards expertise, spare parts availability and partnerships with process leaders like Endress+Hauser, you can reduce your resource requirements.

Best Practice Guide to Building Better Machines

Best practice guide to building better machines.

Learn five essential aspects to simplify and improve processes - helping you reduce the total cost to design, develop and deliver machines. Including global standards, machine control, networks, programming and wiring.

Cyber Security Guidebook for Machine & Equipment Builders

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Automation News for Machine and Equipment Builders

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If it matters to you, it matters to us. Follow the latest in automation trends and topics that affect manufacturing equipment and OEMs.

Case Studies and References

OEM Case Studies and References

Learn how other machine and equipment builders have leveraged Rockwell Automation industrial automation, software and services to reduce their total cost to design, develop and deliver machines.

White Papers

White Papers for OEMs

Get advice from automation industry experts on the latest industrial control technology for machine and equipment builders.

Rockwell Automation OEM Program for Machine and Equipment Builders

Rockwell Automation OEM Program for Machine and Equipment Builders

Rockwell Automation can help improve your performance with solutions to lower the Total Cost to Design, Develop and Deliver equipment. As part of the OEM Program, you can expect comarketing opportunities, market planning with our sales force, and customer engagement.