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Flexible and Scalable Solutions

OEM Solutions in Packaging

Fiercely competitive markets are driving your customers to offer an exhaustive breadth of products. That means packaging equipment must be flexible enough to keep up with frequent line changes and scalable enough to handle the introduction of new products.

At the same time, your customers demand customization with greater speed and accuracy — and shortened lead times.

Services for the Packaging Industry:

  • Secure, Remote Diagnostics for Simplified Maintenance — Through its seamlessly integrated, information-enabled automation solutions, Rockwell Automation empowers packaging machine builders to provide secure, remote access. Monitoring critical parameters and taking action before equipment fails can help keep machines running – while saving vital time and money for both machine builders and their customers.
  • Optimized Energy — As a leading provider of industrial automation, control and information solutions, Rockwell Automation can help machine builders design more energy-efficient packaging equipment. Leveraging automation systems from Rockwell Automation, you can design machinery that allows your end users to be strategic managers of their energy and environmental resources. They can gain better control over how they use energy, reducing the burden of energy costs on profitability.
  • Big Impact for Any Size — Rockwell Automation control solutions are flexible and scalable enough to accommodate a wide range of capabilities and application sizes so packaging machine builders don’t pay for more than they need. In turn, they can develop machines offering the right amount of control, power and information with the freedom to make future adjustments using the same architecture.
  • Seamless Integration — Rockwell Automation provides integrated, scalable control and information solutions that address a full range application needs, including discrete, motion, drive and safety. Seamlessly interacting technologies enable packaging machine builders to quickly deliver flexible machines that respond to new market demands.
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