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Smart Manufacturing Demands Smart Equipment

Smart manufacturing is driving new opportunities for end users as they look to optimize their production and supply chain by bringing together islands of information. As end users pursue smart manufacturing, they need original equipment manufacturing partners who create intelligent manufacturing equipment that easily integrates into a facility, provides access to information, and enables agile reaction to changing market demands.

Rockwell Automation can help OEMs and their customers become connected, compliant and competitive.

Build a Better Machine

Build a Better Machine

Spend less time on labor-intensive, repetitive tasks, and more on solving your customers’ business challenges.

Industrial Security

Machine & Equipment Builder (OEM) Industrial Security

Give your customers smart machines to make unprecedented operational improvements.

Maximize Performance

Machine & Equipment Builder (OEM) Maximize Performance

Improve performance and lower your total cost of machinery design, development and delivery.

Machinery Safety

Machine & Equipment Builder (OEM) Machinery Safety

Develop more efficient, safer and productive manufacturing solutions.

Supporting Your Business

Machine & Equipment Builder (OEM)  Supporting Your Business

Delivering the right balance of products, expertise and global aftermarket support.

Products & Services

Machine & Equipment Builder (OEM)  Products & Services

Efficiently design, develop and deliver smart machines and automated material handling systems.

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