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Manufacturing and Assembly Industry

Manufacturing is the general term for applications in which raw materials are transformed, given additional desired properties or physical form for use in creating finished goods. Typical machinery includes forming, stamping, curing, and annealing for materials such as silicon, metals, and rubber.

Assembly is the general term for applications that assemble and inspect the fundamental parts to form a final product or sub-component. Typical machinery includes welding, gluing, fastening, riveting, and sealing for applications such as automotive assembly, medical assembly, and solar panel assembly.

Understanding what manufacturing and assembly machine builders need, and delivering:

  • The Business Need for Speed – Our enable you to spend less time coding and more time adding value to your machine solutions. Ultimately you can reduce development time, meet your customers lead times and expand their business.
  • A Partner Beyond Products – We are a reliable partner committed to helping you develop better machines and expand your customer base. Through its complete automation solutions, end user relationships, global engineering support and network of Encompass partners, we provide you with a solid foundation for the future.
  • Design Flexibility for Business Agility – We empower you with design flexibility that allows you to easily modify the size, functionality and even the primary industry you serve, which in turn helps you quickly respond to evolving customer and market demands.
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