Energy Intelligence

Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency for Increased Productivity and Profitability

Energy ObjectiveOptimizing your industrial operations to improve energy efficiency can be a challenge. Strategic energy management allows you to gain control of your energy use - reducing consumption without impacting production, while increasing profitability.

Rockwell Automation can help link your industrial energy goals to your production goals. With our products and services, you can gain real-time energy awareness, identify targeted areas to optimize and improve the efficiency and profitability of operations.

Whatever the challenge, we have the resources, knowledge and experience to help.

Learning Resources

Energy Intelligence for Manufacturers

Learn how to become more efficient

Energy Intelligence solutions help you utilize energy data and give it context in your organizational or production models, providing decision making information to be more efficient and cost effective.

Energy Monitoring

Learn how to monitor your energy costs

WAGES - water, air, gas, electricity and steam are critical cost inputs to manufacturing processes that often go untracked. Rockwell Automation can help you track, monetize and manage these costs to give your enterprise a strategic cost advantage.

Optimize Operations to Reduce Costs

Learn how to improve energy utilization

Your engineering team understands the challenges in controlling energy usage. Using Rockwell Automation domain expertise, our industry and application professionals will help monitor, manage and optimize energy usage and reduce operating costs.