Safety Solutions

Rockwell Automation offers repeatable safety solutions across a number of industries and custom applications to meet your specific needs. Our safety team follows a solution lifecycle to help ensure projects are executed thoroughly.

Safety Solution Lifecycle

Step 1: Safety Assessment – Identify hazards and estimate the associated risks

Step 2: Mitigation Technique Selection – Evaluate safeguarding options based on industry acceptable solutions

Step 3: Safety System Design – Design system architecture, safety critical circuit design and guarding design

Step 4: Project Execution – Material procurement, assembly, integration testing, commissioning

Step 5: Validation – Verify that systems are operating within defined parameters and applicable standards have been satisfied

Step 6: Maintenance – Change Control

 Core OfferingComplete Solutions
Hazard Mitigation
  • Current state analysis
  • Recommended mitigation paths
  • Risk/Hazard assessment
  • Machine/line risk reduction strategies for control and/or operation techniques
Safe Processes & Controls
  • Zone control
  • Energy isolation
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Accessing operating equipment safely
  • "Safe" SOPs for operators and maintenance
  • Optimizing OEE and safe practices
  • System lifecycle and change control
  • Light curtails
  • Laser sensors
  • Hard guarding
  • Safety mats
  • Point of operation guarding (protecting from hazards within reach)
  • Perimeter access control (limits access to general area)
  • Hard guarding design, fabrication and installation

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