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Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

VIDEO: Hoonga Develops a<br>Robot Control Solution

VIDEO: Hoonga Develops a Robot Control Solution

Recent advances in robot technology have resulted in availability of a broad range of standard, off-the-shelf robot types with very high reliability and low cost. The advent of programmable automation controllers (PACs) with advanced motion capability helps provide high performance, integrated control of the robot by the line or cell controller. Advances in robot technology, combined with the robot control capabilities of the PAC, have resulted in rapid growth in the use of robotics in areas such as packaging and automotive.

Rockwell Automation is committed to being the most valued supplier of innovative industrial automation and information products, services and solutions by working closely with its robot-vendor partners, OEMs and system integrators. Rockwell Automation provides a preferred level of integration focused on saving design, development and delivery time, while improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Preferred integration starts with using plug-and-play technology, which means robots connect through EtherNet/IP with predefined software and service interfaces that simplify design, operation and maintenance efforts to improve machine and overall line OEE.