Lifecycle Extension & Migrations

Identify, Mitigate and Eliminate the Risks of Automation Obsolescence

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With the rapid pace of technology advancements, balancing your modernization schedule against capital investment and regulatory demands can be challenging. Lifecycle Extension & Migrations Services help to identify, mitigate and eliminate automation obsolescence risk. As products approach the end of their expected life, the availability of parts and resources become more difficult to obtain, until the point one or both are exhausted. With a Lifecycle Extension Agreement, you can avoid these risks and possible financial consequences in the form of extended downtime.

We provide online tools, product notifications, and full-service assessments—such as the Installed Base Evaluation™ with product lifecycle coding—that help you to identify potential risks across your enterprise. This analysis provides you with a better understanding of the risks your facility may experience and the ability to pinpoint automation obsolescence risk by site, area, line, machine and panel.

Once the legacy assets are identified, we can provide immediate options to migrate [PDF] certain products to newer technology, or we can develop a "service bridge" for your plant via a Lifecycle Extension Agreement. Included in the agreement are a critical set of services — reserved repair, remote support and on-site services — to help you avoid the costs associated with unplanned downtime, parts and repair and unplanned costs to upgrade equipment.

For more information, see the Lifecycle Extension Agreement Profile [PDF].

Lifecycle Extension Agreement
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